Hammond 1551 Mini enclosure Part Numbering

When you are looking at the 1551Mini Series of enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing the part numbers will break down to identify the size and color of the enclosure.

i.e. Part 1551BGY would tell you this 1.97 x .98 x .61in dimension and Gray in color.

Series Size Color
1551 A=1.38L x.79W x .61 D BK = Black
B= 1.97L x .98W x .61 D GY = Gray
C= 2.56L x 1.18W x .61 D CLR = Translucent Clear
TSK = Translucent Smoke
TRD = Translucent Red



Applicable Part Numbers

HM1623-ND HM1619-ND HM1617-ND HM1620-ND HM1621-ND HM1626-ND HM1624-ND HM1625-ND HM1622-ND HM1628-ND HM1629-ND HM1627-ND HM1630-ND HM1618-ND HM1616-ND

1551BGY 1551ATRD 1551ACLR 1551ATSK 1551BBK 1551CBK 1551BTRD 1551BTSK 1551BCLR 1551CGY 1551CTRD 1551CCLR 1551CTSK 1551AGY 1551ABK