Hammond Mod Enclosures

Hammond provides a service to have their enclosures modified to meet the customer’s needs. A new custom part number is created for the modified enclosure. Below are the different divisions of Hammond. Hammond has a typical minimum order quantity of 25.


Electrical Division

Rack Enclosures

What modifications are available?

Tapping and Countersinking
Pressed-in hardware (studs, standoffs)
Silk Screening

Special sizes
Special colors
Pre-Installed Accessories
Available services vary by product

What are the costs of a modified enclosure?

There is a setup fee per enclosure
There is also a artwork fee when screen printing is added to the enclosure

Where can I find a drawing or CAD file?

If the drawing and CAD model is not available on the product page, it can be found on Hammond’s site.

Enter the part number in their search and the family the enclosure belongs to will be listed, click into the family and bring up the find function (Control+F), enter the part number and then click on the part number to select the file type needed.


KiCad is also available for Hammond Enclosures
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What are Hammond’s standard tolerances?

Machined features from ref edge is ±0.010", ±0.25mm
Machined feature size is ±0.005", ±0.13mm
Feature to feature spacing ±0.005", ±0.13mm
Machined c’sink size is ±0.010", ±0.25mm
Any machined pocket is ±0.015", ±0.38mm
Min cutout corner radius 0.031 in typ. [0.787 mm]

Where do I send my modified enclosure request?

Quote requests can be sent to modenclosures@digikey.com

What information is needed?

DigiKey customer # or full contact information
Company: (If applicable)
Phone #:

Also include:
Standard part number that will be modified
Drawing/CAD Model (NO ITAR)