Modified Enclosure Requests

Why Modify Enclosures?

A modified enclosure from one our suppliers will provide consistent product to meet your designs, instead of relying on a third party mod shop. When you request has been provided to the supplier of the selected enclosure, as custom part number is created that is specific to your design. As drawings are updated, the enclosure can be updated too.

Which suppliers provide a service to modify their enclosures:

What is the process for getting a modified enclosure through DigiKey?

  • Send your drawing/CAD model of the standard part to

  • We will send your information to the correct supplier and get a quote

  • A DigiKey quote will be sent to you

  • This will include your custom part number

  • Description information from the supplier

  • Pricing and any fees for setup/artwork/custom paint

  • After a P.O has been received, the supplier creates their own drawing from the information provided and is sent to you for approval.

  • Once approval has been received and sent to the supplier, manufacturing of your enclosure will start.

  • Finished parts are shipped to DK and then shipped to you.

Where do I send my modified enclosure request?

Modified enclosure quote requests can be sent to

What information is needed?

DigiKey customer # or full contact information
Company: (If applicable)
Phone #:

Also include:
Standard part number that will be modified
Drawing/CAD Model (NO ITAR)

Where can I get a Drawing or CAD Model to modify my enclosure?

The .pdf drawing and .stp file for parts can be found on either the DigiKey product page or the manufacture’s website.

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