Serpac Modified Enclosures

Serpac provides a service to have their enclosures modified to meet the customer’s needs. A new custom part number is created for the modified enclosure. Serpac does not have a minimum order quantity

What modifications are available?

Add Hole, Cutouts, Slots
Digital Printing and Silk Screening

Shielding/Special Material
Custom Sizes

Machine a wide range of openings
Recess any surface (for labels or membrane switches)
Endless geometric options
Machine internal features: removal or shortening of circuit board bosses or card guides

Machining Guidelines

Dimension all geometry from the center line
Allow a 0.03" (0.8mm) radius for all inside-modified corners
Machined recesses can’t be more than 80% of an enclosure’s wall thickness
An Illustration with dimensions is required to set up machining
Lead time for machining orders: 48 hours for 1000 pieces or less
No minimum quantities are required; however, a set-up fee will be applied

Digital Printing Features

Full color digital printing
Printing process creates a high quality, scratch resistant image
Ideal for outdoor use, cost efficient enough for all enclosure uses

Pad Printing Features

Full color digital printing
Minimum line thickness for artwork is 0.01in

What are the fees to modify an enclosure?

The fee is amortized into the quantity of enclosures ordered.

For custom molding options, please contact Serpac directly.


Where can I find a drawing or CAD file?

The product drawing can be found on the DigiKey product page or on the manufacture’s product page.


A .x_t CAD can be downloaded from the manufacture’s website.

Where do I send my modified enclosure request?
Quote requests can be sent to

What information is needed?

DigiKey customer # or full contact information
Company: (If applicable)
Phone #:

Also include:
Standard part number that will be modified
Drawing/CAD Model (NO ITAR)