3M EPS-200 Tubing part numbering

When looking at EPS-200 Tubing from 3M, you may confuse these part number’s different suffixes, such as EPS-200 1/2" BL 48"BX. The datasheet does not calls out detail information.

Please note that ordering EPS-200 Tubing is done by product name, size equivalent to the expanded inside diameter, package type and color. Other sizes are available subjected to supplier quotation. Always order the largest size that will shrink snugly over the item to be covered.

EPS-200 standard color is black. Other colors and clear are available subject to factory quotation.

For examples, EPS-200 1/2" BL 48"BX means that

  • EPS-200 calls out product name
  • 1/2" calls out the ordering size. Size and dimension detail please refer below table
  • BL calls out black
  • 48"BX calls out the package type. 48" is the length of the master tube. BX is box.


Applicable Part Numbers

EPS-200 1 1/2"" BL 48"“BX EPS-200 1"” BL 48"" BX EPS200 1"" BL48"“BX
EPS-200 1/2"” BL 48"“BX EPS200 1/2"” BL48"“BX EPS200 1/4"” BL48"“BX
EPS-200 1/4"“BL 48"“BX EPS200 1/8"” BL48"“BX EPS-200 1/8"“BL 48"“BX
EPS200 11/2"” BL48"“BX EPS-200 2"” BL 48"” BX EPS200 2"” BL48"“BX
EPS200 3/16"” BL48"“BX EPS-200 3/16"“BL48"“BX EPS200 3/4"” BL48"“BX
EPS-200 3/4"” BL48"“BX EPS200 3/8"” BL48"“BX EPS-200 3/8"” BL48"“BX
EPS200-1 1/2-48"”-BLACK-24 PCS EPS-200-1 1/2-48-BLACK-BU
EPS200-1 1/2-6"”-BLACK-10-3 PC PKS EPS-200-1 1/2-BLACK
EPS200-1/2-48"”-BLACK-75 PCS EPS-200-1/2-48-BLACK-BULK
EPS200-1/2-6"”-BLACK-10-10 PC PKS EPS-200-1/2-BLACK
EPS200-1/4-48"”-BLACK-200 PCS EPS-200-1/4-48-BLACK-BULK
EPS200-1/4-6""-BLACK-10-10 PC PKS EPS-200-1/4-BLACK
EPS200-1/8-48""-BLACK-250 PCS EPS-200-1/8-48-BLACK-BULK
EPS200-1/8-6""-BLACK-10-10 PC PKS EPS-200-1/8-BLACK
EPS200-1-48""-BLACK-24 PCS EPS-200-1-48-BLACK-BULK
EPS200-1-6""-BLACK-10-10 PC PKS EPS-200-1-BLACK
EPS200-2-48""-BLACK-24 PCS EPS-200-2-48-BLACK-BULK EPS-200-2-BLACK
EPS200-3/16-48""-BLACK-250 PCS EPS-200-3/16-48-BLACK-BUL
EPS200-3/16-6""-BLACK-10-10 PC PKS EPS-200-3/16-BLACK
EPS200-3/4-48""-BLACK-45 PCS EPS-200-3/4-48-BLACK-BULK
EPS200-3/4-6""-BLACK-10-10 PC PKS EPS-200-3/4-BLACK
EPS200-3/8-48""-BLACK-125 PCS EPS-200-3/8-48-BLACK-BULK
EPS200-3/8-6""-BLACK-10-10 PC PKS EPS-200-3/8-BLACK

3M161172-ND 3M161173-ND 3M161174-ND
3M161175-ND 3M161176-ND 3M161177-ND
3M161178-ND 3M161179-ND 3M161180-ND
3M161181-ND 3M161182-ND 3M161183-ND
3M161184-ND 3M161185-ND 3M161186-ND
3M161187-ND EPS-200-1/2-48-BLACK-BULK-ND EPS-200-1/2-BLACK-ND
EPS-200-1/4-48-BLACK-BULK-ND EPS-200-1/4-BLACK-ND EPS-200-1/8-48-BLACK-BULK-ND
EPS-200-1/8-BLACK-ND EPS-200-11/2-48-BLACK-BU-ND EPS-200-11/2-BLACK-ND
EPS-200-1-48-BLACK-BULK-ND EPS200-1-6""-BLACK-10-10PCPKS-ND EPS-200-1-BLACK-ND
EPS-200-2-48-BLACK-BULK-ND EPS-200-2-BLACK-ND EPS-200-3/16-48-BLACK-BUL-ND
EPS-200-3/16-BLACK-ND EPS-200-3/4-48-BLACK-BULK-ND EPS-200-3/4-BLACK-ND
EPS-200-3/8-48-BLACK-BULK-ND EPS-200-3/8-BLACK-ND EPS2012-1-ND
EPS2012-1R0-ND EPS2012-1R5-ND EPS2012-20-ND
EPS2012-2-ND EPS2012-2R0-ND EPS2012-3R0-ND
EPS2012-4-ND EPS2012-4R0-ND EPS2012-6R0-ND
EPS2012-8-ND EPS2012-ND EPS2012-R5-ND
EPS2012-R75-ND EPS2014-1-ND EPS2014-1R0-ND
EPS2014-1R5-ND EPS2014-20-ND EPS2014-2-ND
EPS2014-2R0-ND EPS2014-3R0-ND EPS2014-4-ND
EPS2014-4R0-ND EPS2014-6R0-ND EPS2014-8-ND
EPS2014-ND EPS2014-R5-ND EPS2014-R75-ND
EPS2018-1-ND EPS2018-1R0-ND EPS2018-1R5-ND
EPS2018-20-ND EPS2018-2-ND EPS2018-2R0-ND
EPS2018-3R0-ND EPS2018-48-ND EPS2018-4-ND
EPS2018-4R0-ND EPS2018-6R0-ND EPS2018-8-ND
EPS2018-ND EPS2018-R5-ND EPS2018-R75-ND
EPS2034-1-ND EPS2034-1R0-ND EPS2034-1R5-ND
EPS2034-2-ND EPS2034-2R0-ND EPS2034-3R0-ND
EPS2034-4-ND EPS2034-4R0-ND EPS2034-6R0-ND
EPS2034-8-ND EPS2034-ND EPS2034-R5-ND
EPS2034-R75-ND EPS2038-1-ND EPS2038-1R0-ND
EPS2038-1R5-ND EPS2038-20-ND EPS2038-2-ND
EPS2038-2R0-ND EPS2038-3R0-ND EPS2038-4-ND
EPS2038-4R0-ND EPS2038-6R0-ND EPS2038-8-ND
EPS2038-ND EPS2038-R5-ND EPS2038-R75-ND
EPS2100-1-ND EPS2100-1R0-ND EPS2100-1R5-ND
EPS2100-2-ND EPS2100-2R0-ND EPS2100-3R0-ND
EPS2100-4-ND EPS2100-4R0-ND EPS2100-6R0-ND
EPS2100-8-ND EPS2100-ND EPS2100-R5-ND
EPS2100-R75-ND EPS2112-1-ND EPS2112-1R0-ND
EPS2112-1R5-ND EPS2112-2-ND EPS2112-2R0-ND
EPS2112-3R0-ND EPS2112-4-ND EPS2112-4R0-ND
EPS2112-6R0-ND EPS2112-8-ND EPS2112-ND
EPS2112-R5-ND EPS2112-R75-ND EPS2200-1-ND
EPS2200-1R0-ND EPS2200-1R5-ND EPS2200-2-ND
EPS2200-2R0-ND EPS2200-3R0-ND EPS2200-4-ND
EPS2200-4R0-ND EPS2200-6R0-ND EPS2200-ND
EPS2200-R5-ND EPS2200-R75-ND EPS2316-1-ND
EPS2316-1R0-ND EPS2316-1R5-ND EPS2316-20-ND
EPS2316-2-ND EPS2316-2R0-ND EPS2316-3R0-ND
EPS2316-4-ND EPS2316-4R0-ND EPS2316-6R0-ND
EPS2316-8-ND EPS2316-ND EPS2316-R5-ND