(Hammond) Important Enclosure/Box Specifications

Click the blue links below for important specifications regarding Hammond box types, definitions, paint finishes, along with corrosion & protection ratings. This will help you in selecting relevant specification requirements when purchasing a Hammond box from DigiKey, and will also provide you further general enclosure knowledge.

NEMA Standard Industry Definitions

  • Pertains to box features, indoor/outdoor hazardous (classified) and non-hazardous location usage, and ingress protection (IP) ratings regarding solids, liquids, oils, and gasses

Non-Hazardous Enclosure Type - NEMA, UL, CSA Cross Reference

  • Pertains to box type, and how they correlate between NEMA, UL, & CSA protection ratings

Definition of Protection Grades IEC 60529

  • The IEC has established an enclosure grading system that produces an IP rating with varying degrees of protection against hazardous parts, solid foreign objects, and water

Corrosion Information (metallic and non-metallic enclosures)

  • Suggested applications for corrosion resistance for metallic and non-metallic enclosures which includes steel - powder painted, stainless steel, fibreglass reinforced polyester, polycarbonate, & aluminum. The table provided is a guide to assist in identifying the suitability of using non-metallic enclosures in various chemical environments

Corrosion Protection

  • The NEMA 4X rating is applied to material that has met, under laboratory conditions, a six hundred hour salt spray with no worse pitting than that exhibited on a Type 304 Stainless sample run at the same time. This rating, however, does not test for corrosion resistance beyond this, or with chemicals other than salt
  • Corrosion resistance of various enclosure materials including Acids, Alkalies, & Solvents
  • Powder Coating Reference Chart including Epoxy, Hybrid Polyester, Polyester TGIC, and Polyurethane

Hammond Paint Finish

  • In-depth paint finish analysis/testing, and instructions for repainting Hammond standard paints and powders

Hammond Touch-up Spray Cans
1413LRS - Gray (ANSI 61)
1413NS - White
1413CGRALS - Beige (RAL 7032) - Not currently carried
1413BKS - Black - Not currently carried
1413LGS - Light Gray (RAL 7035)
1413WH9003 - White (RAL 9003)

Quick Protection Rating Type Selection Guide

  • Approximation of NEMA and IEC classifications for reference

Type Designation

  • Suggested box type applications based on NEMA Standard 250, UL50, UL508A, CSA C22.2, Nos. 14, 40 and 94

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

  • Includes anti-graffiti solutions and cleaning procedures
  • Cleaning solvents in aggressiveness order: kerosene being the mildest, lacquer thinner, and acetone being the strongest (may cause surface fading or damage). The following products also proved to be suitable for removing stubborn graffiti and adhesives: Armaclean 123, ZEP Orange Gel, Goof Off Aerosol, & Go Away. A DigiKey option not related to Hammond would also be 473-1356-ND (433C-1L) which works well however pure solvent can sometimes soften the coating - refer to instructions within above link

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