Hardware for Programming IC

On a circuit board we have IC 526-1/ST 2223 2W5 and we have the Digikey header 953-1313-ND Connector Header Vertical 4 pos 2mm
What do we need to order to program the IC?

Hello rencousa - welcome to the Forum Community. Can you please post a photo of the IC you are trying to identify? I haven’t come up with anything using the numbers you have provided. Thanks!

Hello, please review pic.
Thank you

Pretty sure that’s 526-I/ST PIC16F526-I/ST Microchip Technology | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey


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Robert is correct. However, that header JP3 is not a standard header for programming this PIC microcontroller. You will need to figure out which header pins are connected to which pins on the PIC and figure out where else you can connect to the 5th pin on that board. The programming spec for this device specifies that it requires 5 pins to program this device, including RB1, RB0, MCLR/VPP/RB3, VDD, and VSS.

The following can program this chip:

PG164140 PICKIT4


Thank you Robert and David.
David if we just need to upload the program from an existing IC and download to a new IC would your answer be the same?

Only if the chip has not been code protected when it was programmed. If it has been code protected, you can not read it.

The answer would be the same. That is something you can do if the master chip is not read/write protected.