SC667592CKU - ON78S - Datasheet


I know it’s kind of a long shoot, but maybe someone here can help me get the Datasheet of this chip.


Hi Jake,

This appears to be made by a company in China. I found very little information on it, and am unable to cross to a part we have in our catalog.

Here is what I found online. marking code ON78S,smd marking ON78S,information,branding ON78S,103 million data - szgolon

I don’t think this is it. The logo on the chip is of “Freescale semiconductor”. I was able to get the JTag ID from it which is 0x0988201D.

Hi JakeB,

You’re right that it’s a Freescale part (now part of NXP), based on the symbol. Unfortunately, the only thing I could find out about it is that the Data I/O FLX500 was capable of programming it. I was not able to find so much as a description of what it is, much less a datasheet. My guess is that it was a proprietary chip, probably made for an automotive application, and not available to the general public.