HD6417705F133V and HD6417705F133BV

Hello, I want to konw difference witg HD6417705F133V and HD6417705F133BV.
Is these item same part?
Please know me difference of 2 item.

The main difference between HD6417705F133V and HD6417705F133BV.
Is that the 1st item is principally the same part but obsolete.
We can still offer this 1st revision via the company Rochester Electronics, LLC with this Digi-Key Part Number: 2156-HD6417705F133V-RE-ND as MARKETPLACE PRODUCT.
So if you have an urgent need for this SH-3 SuperH® SH7700 Mikrocontroller IC 32-Bit 133MHz as ROMless version in 208-LQFP (28x28) you could try both versions to double-check if the actual version can be used in your application. The supersets from stock as D6417729RF167BV / 2156-D6417729RF167BV-RE-ND and/or D6417709SF100B / 2156-D6417709SF100B-RE-ND could also be an alternative option.