Heat Sink & RF Shield


I am looking for a source for this metal box in picture


I am designing a product that does much the same thing as a WIFI router. So I opened up a netgear WIFI router (model R6350) to learn from their design. The processor did not have a fan or a familiar heat sink. It had this thin metal box surface mounted over the processor IC. When I pried the top off of the metal box, I discovered thermally conductive foam sinking heat from the IC to the metal box. It would appear the the metal box also provides RF shielding. The same metal box was on the bottom of the PCB as well.


Products of this type which are currently in stock can be found here.

Dual-purposing an RF shield as a heat spreader is a fairly common practice. If a device needs to be enclosed under a box it doesn’t get much direct airflow, so providing something better at heat transfer than an air gap between IC and shield can be rather helpful.

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