Help finding this D-shaped connector

Hi all.
I hope one of you fine people can help me with identifying this connector. :slight_smile:
It is a D-shaped connector with 24 terminals (2x12). The length along the longest part of the D is approximately 36mm and the width is 11mm.

I’ve search D-Sub connectors, but I don’t see anything even close!
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Miakatt,

Welcome to the DigiKey Tech forum.

That looks to be a Centronics type of a connector. Unfortunately we don’t have many options of that type of connector to offer, and none in 24 pin version. Sorry for the inconvenience.



That appears to be what we used to call a 24 pin male Centronics connector, not a part of the D-Sub family. The 36 pin version was used on parallel port printers and standardized as IEEE-1284.


Take a look at 1024MA-ND

Dimensions are not exact but seem to be close 36.3 x 12.2mm per the drawing.



Thank you Irfan, Paul.
Centronics! That’s the information I require. They may not be available from Digi-Key, but at least now I know the name of what I’m searching for.
Very much appreciated.


That looks surprisingly close! I’ll order one and see if it mates with the opposite connector.
Thank you.

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The page says it’s a SCSI connector, and the first parallel SCSI connector was Centronics.

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