SCSI 68-pin Male MDR solder type male connector for round cable

Hi … I am looking for the male MDR connector to mate with a panel mount female 68-pin MDR connector which has screw nuts on the sides.

The male connector that I am looking for will be terminated with a round multicore cable of about 9mm in diameter. It will only use 6 designated pins on the connector to service a 2 Channel digital audio setup.

I think I found the hood part which seems to be:

I am assuming this conforms to the MDR physical specs.

Now, I need the male plug part to go inside it with a solder type on the back of it.
Searched high and low and only found female PCB type connectors that is not what I am looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am not seeing any male PCB mount connectors either. I only find the free hanging on this link:

These are no longer very common and getting harder to find. We do not sell them at this time.

The Hood you found appears like it should work with the MDR connectors. Though we do not have the type you need.

Thank you!

I found this one. Seems to be a male MDR connector … will this go into the Hood part I found earlier?
This is a solder version which is what I am after.

Yes. Comparing the dimensions it appears it should fit. Here is the link to the Hirose data sheet as it is not showing on the website:

Hmm… just noticed that the plug is a board edge/ straddle mount plug. It is missing the side holes for the screws to come through? I doubt this will fit in that Hirose connector … unless someone can check it at your end? I am thinking now that this is not the right plug. Needs a plug suitable for external cable shell. This is quite tricky!

You can llok at the 3M options:

Actually I think it may work so would it be possible for someone in tech to check the compatibility, and if it works out, I will place my order. Thank you Verna_1353.