Help finding Zigbee/BLE module for small iot device

Hello, i am a student studying in Korea.

I just started a personal project making fire detection device which would activate above certain temperature using thermistor. I’m planning to make a device that would work several years with a coin cell and has low power consumption, small size, cheap price. The device will be installed on the ceiling, and the communication range needs to be around 10m.

I was searching for suitable communication modules for this device, compatible with the TYZG1 Zigbee Smart Gateway. By searching by myself, I think Zigbee and BLE module would be a good option but there are so many modules having different price and characteristic.

For me being so new to making any iot device, I would like to get your advice for the product. And i would appreciate it if you could share me any tutorials or information about making iot device. I’m planning to make a basic circuit using Arduino and after testing it, i would like to make prototype version with PCB.

Thanks a lot.