Help ID this IC

Does anyone know what this IC may be? Ground is pin 1, power is pin 20. Pin 2 and 3 are not used. Pin 4 and 5 go to a 3.64 Mhz crystal resonator. Pin 6 is not used. Pins 7,8,9,14,16,17,and 18 go to momentary push buttons. Pins 10,11,12,13, and 15 are not used. Pin 19 looks to be the output which goes through a NPN transistor amplifier then goes to the serial input of the main microcontroller. This IC is inside of a wired remote to control a boat radio from the swim platform and the main microcontroller that it connects to is inside of the radio.Your help is appreciated.

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I wasn’t able to ID that IC based on the markings nor the info you provided. It looks to be 20SOIC package but there are way too many types of ICs in that package case. I’m asking some others to see if they can assist and of course if someone is able to ID it or have an idea of what it might be, they should reply.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just to help verify the package type, what are the dimensions of the chip? If you can determine the pitch of the pins (the center-to-center pin spacing), that would also help with this.

To get a more accurate pitch measurement, measure from the center of first pin to the last pin and divide by nine. For instance, if it’s a 20-pin SOIC, the spacing from the first to last pin would be 0.45" or 11.43mm, which works out to 0.05" or 1.27mm pitch.

Sorry, @Guitarfreak302,

I am unable to locate a replacement. However, I do have a clue that may or may not be useful to you and other readers.

Your chip seems to have the same functionality as the HT12E. Unfortunately, the pin out is different, and the resonator has a different frequency.

I did also explore IC such as the PT2262, MM74C922, and MC145026, none seem to fit.

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Looks to be .65mm pitch.