Help identifying part

Hello memccran, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I’m sorry, but I’m not finding any match to this part, in our system.
Do you have any guess on what the second digit is? Looks like an N, but nothing came up for that.

What does this board do? From what product does it come out of?

THanks! It looks like an N to me. It appears to be one part of the input circuit of a transducer on a Humminbird chartplotter/fishfinder. I wondered if it was some type of transistor chip.

it appears to be a circuit that is identical to 2 more for this input. they all three have this chip.

Also, these are most likely for some type of cummnication, but a may be wrong

The “U” in “U1000” means it’s an integrated circuit. The two 8-pin chips near it with a “Q” designation are MOSFETs (a type of transistor). It looks like you have at least two of the chip in question, right? If it’s in a depthfinder circuit board, then the chip is probably either part of the power supply for the board, or more likely, part of the driver which pushes the ultrasound signal to the transducer. That looks like a decent sized inductor in the metal can sitting next to the two FETs.

Can you give a zoomed-out view of the overall circuit board? That might help gain perspective as to what this circuit is actually doing. Also, as a long shot, which model of fishfinder is this from? Maybe there’s a forum out on the web about fixing such things which might give some clues.


It is a Humminbird Helix 10…thanks again

One thing that might help is that the transducer is detected by the depth finder just no data shows up. I assume it’s because this channel is the data stream. Maybe the others are for a different type of transducer data stream or for transducer detection data.

yes, there appears to be three on the board.

Hi @memccran ,

The circuit board layout suggests that the chip is a dual gate driver, probably a “second source” UCC27524.

Cheers, heke

Thank you both very much! I placed an order. we will see how it goes.