Help Identify IC - Microwave Open

I have a Kenwood K30GMS microwave with a shorted IC. The chip is in pretty poor shape but I can just about make out the following numbers:


The logo is a triangle with either a bendy pipe image or a letter N directly over a letter W.

I’ve not been able to locate the chip via Google, but I have found which appears to be the same chip, but I can’t find a place to purchase that from.

Any help sourcing a compatible IC greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the TechForum! I am looking to see what I can find out for you. Can you share a photo of the part?



Sorry I am not findig anything with those part markings in the picture and I am not seeing that we have anything to replace the one in the data sheet you linked above.

Thanks Craig

Thanks for trying. In the end I created a small daughterboard and used a ULN2003 and 74LS32 to more-or-less reproduce the chip functionality. I’ve now got a fixed oven :slightly_smiling_face: