Help identify IC


I’m trying to identify an IC.
It’s in a 3x3 mm QFN style package, 5 leads to a side, for a total of 20.
There are three lines of printed text, as follows:


There’s no visible logo.

I suspect it’s a programmable filter, amp and/or mixer combination.


Welcome to the Technical Forum Randy. I could not find anything. Though usually there are more people that will read this one. I tried all my sources, but hopefully someone will find more than I did. Usually multiple people will respond. Maybe someone else can find this one. Sorry. I just did not hit anything.

ADF4110 might be a possibility.

Thanks for the replies.

It’s not a ADF4110 synthesizer.

In circuit, it’s in the RF signal path, between a 1 GHz LPF and amp and the input of an 80 MSPS ADC.

I suspected a mixer at first, there are two of these, one on each ADC input. There’s a clock gen not too far away but I cannot power up the device to check for 90 degree phase differential clocks.

RF signal path :=== LPF === AMP ===> 2 port splitter

There’s one of these parts on each output port of the 2 port splitter and from there, right into the ADC.

I also suspected a programmable filter.

The design appears to be under-sampling the signal, based on the input frequency range and the speed of the ADC, which would lean more towards a filter than a mixer. If it is a mixer, there’s no post filter, at least in a separate device.