Help identify small 4-pin connector

This is a small 4-pin connector used by Holley Performance for CAN. I need a longer cable than Holley offers so I’d like to make my own. Can anyone help identify what type of connectors these are so that I can purchase both male and female connectors, pins, seals, etc?

I believe this connector is the WM4579-ND. There are 2 mating connectors, a black one and a white one. We only have the white one in stock, which is WM4568-ND. The female contacts are WM3310CT-ND, and the male contacts are WM3299CT-ND. These are for 20-22awg wire.
If you need the recommended crimping tool, it is WM4576-ND. The seals should be included with the connectors.

Great - thanks for the quick response David!