Help Identify Terminal Block

Can someone please help me id the

blocks required for theses connectors

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Ashley, That is a terminal block style header. Its a common type of connector so many Mfgs make these, but here are the options I have narrowed it down to for you . From the ruler shot I guessed that its 3.5mm pitch but I also included 3.81mm pitch options just incase, you would want to verify that. As far as voltage, current, and temperature ratings you will need to select those options from the filters, if you are unsure you can always just choose the highest rated option. Thanks

Ashley, as Zach stated, you need to measure the pin spacing very closely to determine whether it is 3.5mm or 3.81mm pitch. Once you do, click on his link above, and click on the part you think is the best match.

Once you do that, scroll down on the page and you’ll find links to the mating plug for that series. There may be more than one option, depending on which form-factor you need. It will look something like this: