Help identifying a chip

Hi all
I appreciate it if someone can help identifying this chip. I can’t find anything about it.


Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. I did some checking and wasn’t able to find any information on the markings for this IC. Do you have any other information you can provide on the part, schematic, manufacturer, photo showing the entire PC board ?

Thank you for your reply. Here is the board

Only two of the chip’s pins are connected. I have drawn a crude schematics:


It should be a memory (maybe eeprom) that communicats with 1-wire protocol.


Thanks for the information. I did some more searching and still not able to find any information on this IC, sorry.

Am I wrong, or do you have the labels flipped in your schematic? Based on your info, it’s likely one of these Dallas/Maxim/Analog Devices one-wire chips.