Help identifying automotive connectors

Hi Folks - I need to identify these connectors. They’re from a Renault Zoe, and electric car. They are not an HV connector - they carry around 20v AC at 10kHz. There’s a 6 x 2 connector, a 6x 1 connector and a 3 x 1 connector which looks like it’s from a different product line. Any clues would be a huge help.

Hello peterjamesmcconnell, and welcome to the forum.

By my review these parts look like receptacle’s out of Molex’s MX series parts.

A prime example being 900-0334716001-ND. Take a look.

Thanks Michael - yes, this does look like a Molex product - the insert looks very similar, but the alignment tabs are not in the same place, and the retaining clip is also different from all the MX connectors.

That is a shame, I’ve taken a second look; I was not successful in finding a part that otherwise matches. I am sorry.