Help identifying equivalent 17AM thermal switch

Hi folks.

Troubleshooting a motor the other day and came to the conclusion that this 17AM thermometer was faulty. It kills power to the motor even when it is not fixed to the windings, as it was originally installed.
The markings do not seem to follow the usual convention for these types of switches, at least, it does not match any that are available at DK or other sellers, nor does it match spec sheets for a couple different mfgrs.

Markings are 17AM-KP 150A2. Pictured.

My guess ultimately is that instead of a temperature code, this one just has the temp right on it, making it a 150C cutoff temp.
The DK part that’s closest would be the USE-17AM036A5-65.


Hello @Beebs

I am not showing any part markings listed on the Sensata Datasheet. For a fast response, you may want to try their support channel to see if they will share the marking. Once you have confirmed the markings we can use the part builder to get the correct part number.

That’s as far as I got as well. Both Sensata and USElectonics have similar markings, but not like this switch. I just sent Sensata a message but was hoping to avoid that path. USE has yet to respond to a similar message (Digikey lists USE as the part supplier for this type of switch, not Sensata).