Help locating part

Please help me locate what these parts are:

These are PCB connectors, probably from Phoenix Contact just by physical appearance. I can’t give you an exact part number as I don’t know the pitch or the voltage and current limits of those particular connectors. But hopefully that gives you a place to start.

To help identify the parts, What is the marking on the parts? Also what is the pitch of the 2 parts?

The side of the 4-PIN connector says:


On the other side it says:

300V 8A

I need to find the part numbers so I can order more. Thanks!

For these parts, XINKE is the manufacturer, and the part number base is XK15EDG. The pitch is 3.81. The parts are rated at 300v, 8A, and they can handle 16-22AWG wires.

For the 2 position plug, check out Phoenix Contact 1803578.

For the 4 position plug, check out Phoenix Contact 1803594.

Hopefully this helps you out.

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