Help to id this ic on a ssd

I need a new IC but cant id it, its on a ssd samsung 870 2t,

I know its the chip at fault as i can see a burn hole on its surface.

Welcome to theTechnical Forum. I am sorry. I have tried multiple ways to verify what the part number is . I am unable to find anything with the part marking shown. Though I am not sure I am looking at the correct part. Which part do you need us to look at? I am just confirming that I am looking at the correct one.

its the one that has A DBZ its a 10 pin IC i think its somthing to do with the power distribution.

the info on the IC looks like AtDBZ but the t is something like a symbol in Japanese or China.

and on the other one it has AtDYD

I am sorry. I have looked all over. I am unable to verify these part markings.

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