Need help finding an ic

Hi! been looking for a few days for this ic, hope someone can help me!
With marking code:
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-13 at 3.55.42 PM

The only 8 pin IC I found that could possibly be the correct part is SDH6984RC which is a non-isolated LED driving with floating Buck topology. however, this is not a part we carry and I found no alternate for it either.SDH6984RC

I think it could be need to be 100% sure…
I track the pins and got this diagram, i hope this might help

as i see the one you share with me do not matches gnd an vin pins :confused:

I am sorry. You might have to go back to the product this board is out of. You can then request a schematic to confirm the part on the board. We are unable to verify what this part is.

Hello @harumicamarillo,

SSSB marking is for the LM5085MY IC. We don’t have any inventory left for that part. You will have to check around online to see if there is any stock left. A possible substitute would be the LM25085. Please review the datasheet before ordering.

Typical Application

Hey! Thank you so much, this’s the one! Have a great day! (:

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