Help to identify an IC

Hi everyone.
The IC itself looks like a buck converter, coz it connected to the big inductor. It is square shape and pins on the sides are 6 x 3 x 3 x 0. After looking under different angles I’m positive that the IC marked as:
1st line: QR=7G
2nd line: E4E

I found similar IC on the same board (same pins, components around, etc), but marked differently, so not sure are they interchangeable or not :
1st line: QS=7F
2nd line: W5A

P.S. Both ICs are on the HP Pavilion 15z-eh000 motherboard, which identified as DAG7HAMB8E0 REV:E


Hello euhenius - welcome to the Forum community. Unfortunately, I was unable to identify your two ICs. It’s pretty difficult without knowing the chip manufacturer. Hopefully one of my colleagues has better luck.

RT6316BGQUF seems like a strong possibility.