Help with Sanyo SAN ACE 60 available models


I purchased some Sanyo SAN ACE 109R0612S4D011 in the past, I’d like to order more identical ones but without the speed sensor (yellow wire).

I found the guide to the features but it is unclear.

12 = 12V
S = speed code
4 = depth
D = With lock sensor
01 = With pulse sensor?
1 = ribless frame*516lvz*_ga*MTI0NTQ3NzAxNC4xNjk2MDI0Mjg3*_ga_15W4STQT4T*MTcwNTY3NDI3OC42NC4xLjE3MDU2NzQ1NzYuNS4wLjA.*_ga_1KQLCYKRX3*MTcwNTY3NDI3OC42LjEuMTcwNTY3NDU3Ni4wLjAuMA

The “D01” is unclear.
I can find a 109R0612S402 on DK catalogue where “02” should mean “with no speed sensor” but there is no “D” which should mean “WITHOUT lock sensor”.
However, the specs on DK page says “with lock sensor”.

Sanyo might have changed their product numbers as 109R0612S4D011 is not present in the 2023 fan catalogue.

Could someone help me please?
In short, I am looking for the same fan as the 109R0612S4D011 but without the speed sensor.

Thank you!

Hello Tony359 - welcome to the Forum community! These are two options for the same fan without the speed sensor. Following is a side -by-side comparison of your original part, and the two without the speed sensor.

Hello Jenny,

Thanks. I did find those two options and that’s why I posted here. According to Sanyo’s documentation, only “D” models have the “locked rotor” feature but DK’s website is listing both options (which don’t have a “D” in it) as having the “locked rotor” feature.

Would you be able to confirm those two options you listed actually have the locked rotor feature?

The feature you are reading into is locked rotor protection which is not a locked rotor sensor. I encourage you to scan this post on the delta: Fan Features

Namely, the locked rotor sensor gives a sustained sensor output, but rotor protection is under no such obligation. The D in this case refers to the sensor output and not the physical protection.

ahhh, I see. Thanks for explaining it, very clear.