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I am having problems sourcing this fan that failed in our telecommunications box. It is NONOI G6015S12C2

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I couldn’t find enough specifications for the fan to choose an alternative option. Click here for all the 12vDC, 60mm square, 3-wire fan options. Do you know if the 3rd wire is for a locked rotor or a tach sensor?

As for the rectangular connector, what is the pitch (center-to-center) spacing from pin-to-pin distance?

It was inside a Samsung Digital Communication System Model officeserv7100. It is for our small business telephone system. I have the Samsung Officeserv 7100 technical manual but I don’t have a clue what I am looking for. Samsung no longer makes business telephone systems and can not give me any information about the fan.

There’s still a website at the address indicated, and from what I can glean that’d be a lower-speed model. I can’t ascertain with confidence what the accessory function of the 3rd lead is, but it’s pretty much a 1 of 3 chance, and the odds weigh pretty heavily towards a tachometer function.

109P0612M701 seems like a reasonable option to try, though no guarantees.