Help Identifying fan connector

Need help finding a connector for a fan.

The fan itself I purchased from digikey:

Digikey Part no. 603-1486-ND

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




That header looks a lot like the SM03B-ZESS-TB(LF)(SN). (JST ZE series)

Take a look at the datasheet for that item and see whether or not it looks like a match for the one planted on the board. If so, under the “mating products” section toward the bottom of that product page you should find a mating housing listed. (ZER-03V-S)

Hey Rick!

Looks like you were right on the money! I’m curious though why the fan itself is a 4 wire into a 3 pin conductor?

Thanks for your help. Really got me out of a jam.

Your guess is as good as mine: one can only speculate as to why others choose to do things the way that they do…

Lead counts in excess of 2 on small fans like this generally correlate with added features usually relating to speed control or speed measurement, 1 wire per feature. The 603-1486-ND includes a speed control and tachometer function, and therefore has two additional lead wires to support those functions. If for some reason a designer chose that specific fan and put a 3-pin connector on it, either the speed control or tachometer function is likely not being used.

The resource here discusses fans of this kind at some length. The Electrical Interfacing, Monitoring, and Control page in particular might be of interest if you have questions about those “extra” wires…

Thanks again for the info Rick.

Looks like no one stocks that connector anymore. Any ideas for replacing the board connector with a similar component?


S3B-ZR-SM4A-TF(LF)(SN) (ZH series) might be an option. The footprint for the mechanical attachment pads is different, but the pitch for the electrical side is the same and if you’re just doing a one-off repair, a person could probably compensate for any loss of mechanical attachment points with hot melt glue or something like that.