Unknown 3 pin fan connector

One of my colleagues is currently trying to find the name of this fan connector. It’s located in a Polycom CX5500 Dreamhouse, a video conference solution. The fans stopped working and Polycom’s support demands about $2700 to replace the fans. I’ve asked my colleague to send me some photos so I can ask you guys. Any ideas?

Hello Ifdlrtegos, Welcome to the Forum.
I took a look at the connector pictures and it is possible that the connector is a JST connector and from the GH Series.
The Header on the Board looks to be a Surfacemount style. The Only thing that I cannot tell will be the Pitch of the connector. That is something you will have to measure. The Pitch is the center to center spacing of the pins.

However, I did find a Possible option for you to look at. The Header part number is 455-1579-1-ND The JST number is BM03B-GHS-TBT(LF)(SN)(N).

The mating connector is part number 455-1593-ND. The JST number is GHR-03V-S. This will be the connector that you have on the Cable.

The Contacts are sold separate and can be different depending on the Wire Guage size.
One options to look at for 26-30AWG is part number 455-1606-1-ND.
The crimp tool if needed is also listed on that page.
If you only need to do one or so a possible universal crimp tool might also work.

Please take a look at this and see if it will work for you.
Any questions please let us know.

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Another approach might be to simply cut the cord off the failed device and splice it onto a replacement. Seen that done a few times when folks decide to use odd/obscure/scarce connectors…