Question about ordering complete connector build (DK PN# 2057-1CH-A-03-ND)

So I need to buy a replacement for the following plug:

which I’m 90% certain has been identified as an Adam Tech 1CH-A-03 connector. However, I need to buy the connector so that I can build it out entirely to complete a fan that came with the three lead wires unfinished.

So, how do I buy this and all that would be needed to build out a functioning connector? I’d like to buy 3 connectors and 10 paired crimps to ensure I have pieces to fall back on. What DG PN# are the accompanying crimps? Is it # 2057-1CTA-RTR-ND? And, if so, can someone explain to me the difference between TR and CT?

Lastly, do they come with wiring? If not, what wiring would be need to connect this connector to a Delta Electronics, Inc. AUB0712HH-C Fan? I know it’s likely not needed, but I’d rather have a little on hand just in case and I’d love avoid shipping costs as they are going to be the vast majority of expense here.

Thank you much.


You can get that connector at the below link
1CH-A-03 Adam Tech | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

It’s contacts
1CTA-R Adam Tech | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

CT = cut tape - we cut down from the full reel to the amount you are looking to order.
TR = Tape and reel - The full package that the manufacturer sends to us. You can order these if needed.

The Fan you list already has 28AWG wires on it. And the contacts that connector uses are listed to work with 28AWG

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And, looking at those photos, would you also agree that it is the 1CH-A-03? Not 125CH, etc.?