Dc fan wire connector

I was looking to buy the crimps that you attached to a computer fan wire, but I purchased the wrong thing. It’s too big and would like to know what I should have purchased.

The product that I purchased was WM2302-ND.

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. We would need to know the connector housing you have to match the series since crimp pins for the most part are not interchangeable. Do you have a part number for the housing we can reference ? Are there any markings on the housing? They may be hard to see and could be letters or numbers but may help us ID the housing .

Hello @caedmononesong

As Steve mentioned the key to finding the correct contact is identifying the housing. The housing you have looks a lot like MTA-04 though honestly a lot of these housing look very similar unless you see pictures of all sides and know the measurements. If it was an MTA-04 then the contacts would be MTA-C-R which look correct but again like the housing the contacts appear similar and often knowing the housing is the only way to verify they are correct.

Datasheet measurements

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The writing on the housing reads 2510, ECI13. I measured the pin with a tape measure and it’s one inch long.

Thanks for the information. You may have the 2510 series connector from On Shore Technology. I see we don’t stock the contact for that series but looking at the dimensions it is very close to the MTA contact Robert posted from Adam Tech. You may want to measure your existing contact to verify if this will fit.


It looks to me that the housing is the WM3285-ND.

That item can use these contacts.
An example contact WM16786-ND.
Drawing for that.
Total length of that contact is 0.382" / 9.70mm.
Can you verify on your end if the on hand contact matches that?