Correct sized connectors

New to to the site so looking for Correct parts to order ,

I have WM1103CT-ND and WM1102CT-ND (male and female connectors that I need to order some 2, 3 and 4 wire Molex connectors for … can you please advise as to the part numbers?

Also, need to order some smaller tin crimps for computer fans. The WM1102CT are too big. Can you advise as to the correct size used in computer fans ? The wire appears to be around 22 awg.

I believe the correct female receptacle size for the computer fan is .062


A post on common fan connectors can be found here.

Similarly, one for connectors commonly found in PCs is here.

The contact part numbers given are a multi-use item; they are compatible with several different connector series. A sampling of compatible housings can be found under the “For Use With” heading by scrolling down the product page for each. This is not necessarily an exhaustive listing, but does suggest where more/similar products can be found.