Hey, any ps5 expert here

my ps5 is unable to read disc and gives error ce-10005-6, how can it not read any disc at all?

@annaaaaa Welcome to the forum! While this particular forum is for electronic components questions, I’m glad to assist. I did a little searching around and found that your PS5 may not be able to read that disc. Try cleaning the disc carefully with a Q-tip and mix rubbing alcohol and water on a one-to-one scale. If it is a new game, that’s highly unusual that it would arrive damaged, but you do have to check discs sometimes (it can happen). If the disc looks completely clean, you may have to ask for a refund on the game and get a new copy. If a brand new disc isn’t working, that means your PS5 disc reader is potentially broken.

Thanks Kaleb for taking out time. Appreciate that

I tried putting a brand new disc too, is my disc reader having an issue… I live in an unsupported region for my PS5 refund

So, i was avoiding this solution on this blog, as it seemed really dangerous to me for some reason.

But, when nth was working, i was forced to reboot my PS5 into safe to fix PS5 Error CE-100005-6 from here.

I was literally trembling but in the end all was good.

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