1. The broadcom website cannot provide any technical support FAE contact in India. I have tried multiple options available on website but without any help. Can anyone help to verify if the calculation done by me are correct for the design.
  2. Is there any simulation model/ tool available for optical devices to verify the design.

What calculations are you asking about?

Are you using one of the suggested evaluation boards on the datasheet or comparing to the given specifications on the datasheet? Datasheet link. HFBR-14xxZ and HFBR-24xxZ Series Low-Cost, 820 nm Miniature Link Fiber Optic Components with ST, SMA, SC, and FC Ports Data Sheet (broadcom.com)

Hello Josh,
Yes, based on the specifications i have created a Mathcad document to calulate the optical power budget for worst case scenarios. I am stuck at few points

  1. The responsivity of the receiver HFBR-2416TZ is provided for <100um fiber cable. For 200um, only typ value is given with a note “Other parameters will change as well”. How to get all the actual values for 200um?
  2. The receiver specifications are provided only for 4.75V to 5.25V, since IC support at 3V and we are using it as well, Does it have any impact on the receiver specification? Maybe any graph to support it (not available in datasheet)?

Any feedback??