Hidden Fuse Holder on DIN Rail Fuse Block

CF4U(L)/110-240V-ND ; CF4U(L)/110-240V is a DIN rail mounted fuse terminal block that lights up if the fuse fails inside the unit. There are many datasheets containing technical documentation on the item on Altech’s site, however, none of them document how you swap out fuses. Here are some relevant documents as none are linked on the part page at the moment:

  1. https://www.altechcorp.com/DINblocks/ScrewClampTechnology/sct-PDFS/TerminalBlocks_2016(pages)%2018-19.pdf

  2. https://www.altechcorp.com/Blocks/Block-Panel.pdf

Someone I was helping figured out how to insert a new fuse by searching around the part and provided a photo that will prove useful for anyone who buys this part.

You can actually lift up the side with what looks like a wavy AC symbol to reveal the fuse holder.

Below are also other variations of DIN-Rail Mount Fuses common in industrial settings: