Compatible fuse terminal block?

Hello - I’m planning to use this micro terminal block connector from PhoenixContact, and I need to add a fuse to my circuit. Is it possible to buy a compatible and similarly small / micro terminal block that will hold a fuse? I can’t seem to find fuse terminal blocks that are this small from PhoenixContact.



I am not sure if there is a product that would be more or less the same while including the fuse option. However, I made a preliminary list based on the number of positions and levels plus any product that incorporates a fuse [ Terminal Block Match + Fuse ], and then reduced that list to only Phoenix Contact [ Phoenix Contact Subset ] to give you two starting points.

Note that the current, voltage, and wire gauge values were not included, yet (see the filter options).

any way to filter for blocks that fit NS 15 rails? I’m looking for something compact

I looked for that in our filter options, too, but we don’t list that detail. However, looking at that category in general (previous links), I found that the rail type/size is usually listed prominently at the head of the datasheet (the PDF icons at the left of each part number row). A datasheet link can also be found on individual product pages (click on any part number in the list).

Phoenix Contact typically had this information at the top of the document (example) [ Clipline UT ].