High quality caps needed for audio amp

I need 8 good quality capacitors for an audio amp. The original caps are Nippon Chemi con 80 volt 10,000 uf 85°c they are 31 years old and giving me problems. I need a matching set of 8 good quality caps to replace them. Does anyone have a suggestion ? They are in a Denon POA-2200 stereo audio amp.

Products currently in stock with similar specifications are here. Hopefully at least one will fit mechanically. Given current supply shortages in the electronics market, there’s not a lot of room to be choosy.

Not that it should matter a great deal in this case. Caps of that size are all but certainly part of the input rectifier stage, and not something that is particularly critical to device performance.within reason. Anything with comparable specifications from a reliable supplier should do the trick, and be an improvement on some dried-out 30 year old units.

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