High temp mezzanine connector

I’m interested in a mezzanine board to FPC connector such as DF37NC-10DS-0.4V(51), but I need a higher temperature version (up to 121C). Your search engine does not have temperature as a searchable parameter, which is a problem when there are 800 results for this type of connector with my parameters. Can you assist with finding a connector with my temperature requirement? -45C to 121C

Welcome to the technical forum. You are correct. There is no way to search for Temperature. Here is the list I narrowed down options based on the beginning part number: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/arrays-edge-type-mezzanine-board-to-board/308?s=N4IgjCBcoEwBxVAYygMwIYBsDOBTANCAPZQDaIAzAJwUAMMMIAuoQA4AuUIAyuwE4BLAHYBzEAF9CdRCBSQMOAsTKUArLQDsVAGzM2nSD37CxkkHATRZaLHkIlI5bdTi6WIDl16DREwnCoZOQU7ZUcQABYqMAi9DwMjH1NCAFpGKzl%2BAFclB3JVZjMUwIyobNyVCCZxGqA

10164227-0101A1RLF appears to be the -40 to 125C: Here is the data: https://cdn.amphenol-cs.com/media/wysiwyg/files/documentation/gs-12-1404.pdf

Generally if we do not have the parameter listed , you narrow down the options using the parametric search. Then you just have to check data sheets. That is what I did to find this part. If this one will not work, you can just continue on the list provided and check the data. After I found this option, I did not check any of the others.