Hiring labor to assemble the components

Hello I got a couple questions about having parts assembled.

First of all I do not have a soldering gun and my shop skills are poor, but I do have ideas on how things work and a basic general understanding.

For example through my directions I got someone to build my joystick that’s displayed on SinisterSticks.com (my own website)

I think other people might like my Sinister stick both on an individual basis and possibly a retailer would like to bulk order.

So I have three questions

  1. If I don’t know how to put something together is it possible to hire the labor to do the prototype? I assume building the first one would be expensive and gets cheaper as you gain both experience and numbers of items at a time. Does digikey have laborers to hire?

2 can I have a complex part like a fighting stick and tell of all the component parts and how they hook together and if they and if it’s ordered on a one by one basis, I was thinking I could take their order, once they pay I could pay for the stick and shipping to their house and I get a little bit for myself. Is that possible.

  1. If a retailer wants to pick it up and wants to buy hundreds or more copies, would you be able to mass produce them or if you can’t could you refer me to some places that can Mass produce them?

I would like to order some parts but I also need the labor to put them together. If you can’t be the labor, can you find me places to hire them?

Welcome to the forum

There are often a surprising number of electronics assembly companies in most populated areas of the developed world. They will offer a range of services that will help you bring your product to market. They often will offer design support, manufacturing engineering support, parts procurement, PCB assembly, wiring, electro-mechanical assembly, product test, and even possibly sales and distribution support.

Since you have no previous experience, and there are a lot of bad ones who will take your money and leave you with almost nothing of value, I strongly recommend you find some close enough that you can go visit them in person. Using a local company also gives you the courts to help if things go very bad (if they are not within your local courts jurisdiction you will have no practical recourse).

Theses search terms should help you locate some you can contact.

  • electronics assembly house
  • contract manufacturer

You can also check out Digi-Key’s website https://www.digikey.com/en/design-services-providers to research potential firms to talk to.