HIROSE DF60 Connector Nut

The HIROSE DF60 series In-line plug version ( “EP” Connector Type in the part number) needs two M3 nuts for mounting.

Hirose’s datasheet and operating instructions for the part can be found here: DF60-series Catalog.

Hirose has confirmed that this part does not include M3 nuts, nor do they sell the nuts separately. You have to purchase them from a third party. Any M3 nut and screw should suffice, with the only concern being the length of the screw not exceeding the length of the panel by a significant margin. Here’s an example from the 2D drawing for reference:


Applicable Part Numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
H122152-ND DF60-2EP-10.16C
26-DF60FR-3EP-10.16C-ND DF60FR-3EP-10.16C
H122153-ND DF60-3EP-10.16C
H122154-ND DF60-4EP-10.16C
26-DF60A-4EP-10.16C-ND DF60A-4EP-10.16C
26-DF60F-3EP-10.16C-ND DF60F-3EP-10.16C
H122155-ND DF60-5EP-10.16C