Hirose LF Series Mating #'s

Hirose LF Series RCPT Mating JACK Mating PLUG
Digi-Key # Hirose # Digi-Key # Hirose # Digi-Key # Hirose #
HR545-ND LF07WBR-3P HR549-ND LF07WBJ-3S H126613-ND LF07WBP-3S(31)
[HR546-ND] LF07WBR-3S HR537-ND LF07WBJ-3P H126612-ND LF07WBP-3P(31)
HR547-ND LF07WBR-6P HR540-ND LF07WBJ-6S H126368-ND LF07WBP-6P(31)
HR548-ND LF07WBR-6S HR540-ND LF07WBJ-6S H126368-ND LF07WBP-6P(31)
HR556-ND LF10WBR-4P HR561-ND LF10WBJ-4S H126618-ND LF10WBP-4S(31)
HR556-ND LF10WBR-4P HR561-ND LF10WBJ-4S H126618-ND LF10WBP-4S(31)
HR557-ND LF10WBR-4S HR560-ND LF10WBJ-4P H126617-ND LF10WBP-4P(31)
HR558-ND LF10WBR-12P HR563-ND LF10WBJ-12S H126616-ND LF10WBP-12S(31)
HR559-ND LF10WBR-12S HR562-ND LF10WBJ-12P H126615-ND LF10WBP-12P(31)
HR1930-ND LF13WBR-11P HR1923-ND LF13WBJ-11S HR1927-ND LF13WBP-11S
HR1931-ND LF13WBR-11S HR1922-ND LF13WBJ-11P HR1926-ND LF13WBP-11P
HR1932-ND LF13WBR-20P HR1925-ND LF13WBJ-20S HR1929-ND LF13WBP-20S
HR1933-ND LF13WBR-20S HR1924-ND LF13WBJ-20P HR1928-ND LF13WBP-20P


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