HMKP-X2 film capacitor? I need help with cross-reference

So I tried to contact the manufacturer (Hong Farad) but I get no reply… Of course… I’m not sure if they decided to plop an H before the MKP to be cute or if they sprinkled extra magic in the film capacitor.

The application is in an all in one solar inverter charger.

On the grey exterior the pertinent info is as follows:

HMKP-X2 0.22uf K
250v / 275v / 305v / 310v
40 / 110 / 56 / B

If someone can point me in the right direction I will measure lead spacing and case dimensions

This is what I’m after but .22uf

The tilde’s in the voltage rating imply it’s an AC power rating and the “X2” in the part number most likely indicates an “X2” safety rating. Here’s a search of 0.22uF, 310VAC, X2 rated, film capacitors.