RIFA Capacitor Value

Can you help me identify the value of this RIFA Capacitor

And a possible replacement part
Thank you.

Shape and “275V ~ X2” tells me it’s a means it’s a 275VAC X2 safety rated film capacitor for an AC power line connection. The “250VAC” seems strange and since it’s lower than the other indication I’d ignore it.

47n makes me think it’s 47nF (0.047uF)

Here’s a search that returns in stock, 0.047uF, 275VAC, X2 rated, film caps, choose one with a size that fits the PCB hole spacing and available 3D open space.


Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. Paul has a nice list of options for possible replacements and I narrowed his list down further to the PHE840M series . You will want to verify the dimension of your capacitor to get a proper match.