Hologram SIM-ST-MFF2 eSIM standard vs. industrial grade

I am presently designing in the SIM-E-MFF2-GL for our IoT project. I am directed to use the industrial grade part but am finding standard vs. industrial grade a gray area. Hologram Inc.’s just out July 2020 datasheet (eUICC_SIM_Datasheet_v1.1_July2020.pdf) on page 3 lists both Standard Grade and Industrial Grade. On page 4 is a list of 8 different “Orderable part numbers”. These numbers do not give a hint which is standard or industrial, this quite atypical for ICs, usually such options are very specifically stated. Looking up the parts on Digi-Key and the entry does not list it as standard or industrial.

Then I found this:

Quoting from the page linked:

"Hologram offers standard and industrial-grade SIMs However, regular and industrial SIMs are physically identical. This has been addressed for future batches of SIM cards.

That was posted in September 2019, what is the status of addressing “for future batches of SIM cards”? More specifically have the industrial vs. standard grade parts been split off or is the reason only SIM-ST-MFF2 shows up at DigiKey because that is the only version Hologram has available?


I agree that the available documentation is quite unclear on this point. However, the Hologram site appears to imply that the embedded-format SIMs are qualified to the industrial standard by default. Given the non-removable nature of such products, it would not seem unreasonable for them to be produced to a higher durability standard by default.

I suspect that the “future batches of SIM cards” reference may have been to the physical appearance of card-format SIMs, rather than those produced in embedded format.

Unfortunately, since none of this information appears in formal product documentation, it can’t be considered authoritative. Perhaps another here having greater familiarity with this particular supplier would have better insights into the matter.