How can coil power consumption be reduced?

The coil of a relay consumes a certain amount of power in the ON state (voltage applied). That is, it continues to consume power during operation.

In the case of applications in which it continues to be ON, the power consumption of the coil can be reduced by 50 to 80%*, by lowering the voltage to the holding voltage range after power is applied.

* Depends on the coil specification.

In addition, some high-capacity relays must be used with holding voltage. Refer to Precautions in the datasheet.

The following steps for applying voltage to the relay coil are required for complete operation of the relay.

  1. Apply the voltage (rated voltage) required for initial operation of each relay for at least 0.1 second (within the specified time range).

  2. After Step 1, lower the applied voltage to the holding voltage range.


Note 1:
Do not continue to apply the rated voltage for longer than the predetermined time.

Note 2:
The voltage application range should not exceed the stated voltage range.

Example of G7EB

Make sure that the setting does not exceed this range due to coil voltage fluctuations, etc.

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