How to charge at higher current using pass transistor

Is it possible to use this pass transistor in real life ? hoping to charge a 3s2p ultracap bank to 8.1v at 70 A using the bypass mosfet

Take note of the direction in which the body diode of that FET is pointing, as drawn; the caps would indeed charge to 8.1v, and thereafter proceed to continue charging until something broke in spectacular fashion

Thanks that was a silly one indeed. I’ve disconnected the connection from the Gate to the R2. Would that be correct. The power supply is CC so am hoping to the remaining part of the schematic would work fine for a high current charge application application.

Note the values in the resistor divider providing feedback to the '317; it seems unlikely that the desired output voltage would be achieved. Also, what would the expected power dissipation in the FET be at various points in the charging cycle? Would it stay within reasonable limits?

Also, a constant-current source is mentioned; given that current limiting is one of the chief purposes of a capacitor charging circuit, closer inspection of that source’s behaviors and adjustability may be in order; current-limited sources with an adjustable voltage limit can often be used in a direct fashion for capacitor charging purposes.