Mosfet 40N04-8N02

Hi guys new around can someone help identified the following part please see pictures!
Its coming from a power bank from brand called real graphene!

On the top reads the following 40N04-8N02

Hello, this looks like a N-Channel Mosfet. Is it a through hole or a surface mount part?

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Karl thanks for the fast response; definitely it is surface mounted, see attached picture

Take a look at this link. See if this is the part you are looking for.

Single FETs, MOSFETs | FETs, MOSFETs | Transistors | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey


Karl thank you very much, the question is which one?
Which one is the must used for powerbanks?


It looks like IPZ40N04S5L2R8ATMA1CT-ND would be the best option of those provided.

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Ryan Thanks, I’ll get them right away but; if you don’t mind asking, why do you think so? I am just a learner very curious by the way!


Of the options Karl gave it would have the highest total power rating at 71W.

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@Nathan_2268 and why is that relevan? if I can ask? just wanting to learn!

Hi elguerraa,

Thank you for your reply. Generally speaking higher wattage and lower Rds On (Max) is typically more desired. Higher power rating is the ability to handle more voltage and current, lower Rds On has less resistance across the device when the device is fully on, which generally results in lower power loss/heat.

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Thanks you guys are the best, I bought them Yesterday I will certainly keep you posted!

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@Ryan_2724 @Karl_1696

Got the component today unfortunately is to small, can’t be installed
Please take a look to the picture attached