Cross Reference for N Channel MOSFET 500 V 3.7 Ampse

Can you please cross reference a part for me, the original part is: KF5N50FS

If that doesn’t work can you tell me the through hole equivalent of FDD5N50NZFTM which is surface mounted?

thank you!!!

Hello user185,

I did attempt to find a first party data source for that first SKU but I came up with just third party links; the second part we do have though hole parts that are similar, you will have to define the package. See similar parts to the FDD5N50NZFTM here.

Thank you!!!

Hi Mike,

I’m not having much luck matching the through hole MOSFET to the surface mounted one, I don’t know whick specs are critical and which are not, If you could help me define it I would greatly appreciate it.

thank you!!

I selected that set biased on the Vgs, Vdss and I cut off some of the higher drain amperages. If you are operating the transistor as a switch it shouldn’t matter which one you pick. If it is a critical piece of control logic in your circuit then I would advise going back to whoever first implemented the transistor and see what advice you can get.

If you are flying blind I would probably use FDPF5N50NZ-ND as my best at bat for you; the amperage is the closest to your original part.

the MOSFET’s are part of aSwitch Mode Power Supply for my LCD TV. With in that in do you think FDPF5N50NZ-ND will work?

the power dissipation for the part you suggested is 30w, the surface mount mosfet is 62.50 is that a big deal?


This is the closest one to the original that we found. Unfortunately with an alternative part, sometimes you need to just try it. Otherwise you would have to go back to the original part. We just go by the closest options. It is hard to say if it will work or not. It would be up to you if you would like to try it or not.

Thank you and Best Wishes,