How to connect and communication with the Arduino Opta

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For this post we will assume you have already loaded the latest version of the Arduino PLC IDE. We will also assume you have connected the Arduino Opta to your PC via the type C USB connector.

  1. Start by verifying the Arduino Opta is recognized by your PC. This can be done via the Windows Device Manager. If properly connected you should see two USB Serial Devices. My computer chose com ports 5 and 7. Your computer may use a different number.

  2. Next, make sure that all other programs that could connect to Arduino Opta have been closed. For example, close the traditional Arduino IDE, all terminal programs, or any scripts that you may have used to connect to Arduino projects in the past.

  3. Launch the Arduino PLC IDE.

  4. Open a new project. Give it a name and then ensure that the target selection is set for the Opta.

  5. Open and expand this window until you see the red circled port selection options. Use the lower of the two port numbers as previously identified by the Windows Device Manager.

  1. Select Download.

  2. Wait a few minutes for the software to compile and communicate with the PLC. Note that the IDE may appear frozen for a period of time.

  3. When complete, you should green status indicators as shown in this picture.

  1. Click on the circled part in the above picture. If all goes well, you should see this in the lower right of your screen.

If you run into problems, please share your experience and solutions. Your assistance in refining this guide will be greatly appreciated by other.

Thank you on behalf of our readers.

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P.S. Be sure to install both files:

Ref: Software | Arduino

Also, you may need to change the com port:

  1. from the “On-Line” tab, select “Set up communications”

  2. select MODBUS

  3. Select properties

  4. Change the port to one of the verified Opta ports

  5. Connect